Documentum innovations

A week ago OpenText have announced another one Documentum roadmap (here I recalled following quote:

“I’ve been watching this process with OpenText for more than a decade, and I think, in 2009, I called them ‘The Roadmap Company,'” said Tony Byrne, founder of Real Story Group, a research and advisory firm in Olney, Md. “Every time [OpenText] acquires a company, they always have this story around innovation and synergy and a roadmap. It’s a very nice story for the customer and perhaps OpenText believes it, but it very rarely executes on it.”

), this roadmap contains more “technical details” than the previous one, so we may discuss it more thoroughly.

Brava! & Blazon

Actually, here I didn’t understand what innovations they were talking about, because both innovations are already available:

More probably they were talking about new challenges for Documentum customers: in D7 EMC have switched CTS primary rendering engine from Adlib to Aspose, now it seems that they are going to switch from Aspose to Blazeon.

S3, Hybrid services and Independent JMS

And again, I did find nothing innovative there – all these three innovations were part of “EMC’s vision” in 2016:

Moreover, all these three points seem to be doubful:

Application access control in D2

If my memory serves me right similar feature was implemented in Documentum xCP 1.x 🙂

Improved content contribution in D2

Very innovative, if forget that the similar behaviour was present in, at least, webtop 5.3 🙂

Expand with homophones

From business perspective this slide looks funny, the problem is that Atenolol and Timolol are two different drugs, so this slide literally means following: in version 16.4 our search engine will return irrelevant results 🙂 From technical perspective, again, I do see nothing innovative here: the similar behaviour could be implemented via

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