Hardware company mantra. Part III

When I was writing the previous blogpost I had a feeling that I was missing to write something important (i.e. due to experience I suppose that some things are obvious, but readers may not even know such things), so let’s start from the “beginning”.

Below is a history of names of EMC Documentum division:

What was the reason to rename CMA division in 2010? Well, until 2009 EMC was offering only two ECM solutions:

  • Documentum Webtop and it’s derivatives
  • Documentum Desktop

Moreover, somewhere until 2007 EMC was considered as leader of ECM market, take a look at Gartner MQ for ECM in 2006:

Unfortunately (unfortunately for EMC, but competition is always a good for end-users) the release of MS SharePoint 2007 has changed a lot on ECM market – below is Gartner MQ for ECM in 2007:

and in 2009:

So, EMC was forced to compete with new ECM players and their strategy in 2009 was the following:

  • Improve content management discipline, i.e.:
    • add Web 2.0 and Social Networking capabilities (CenterStage – Webtop replacement and MS SharePoint competitor)
    • improve Desktop integration (MDD, MDO, FSS, DCO)
  • Introduce new discipline – Transactional Content Management (a.k.a Case Management with TaskSpace as a flagman product)

You can find some Momentum 2009 “materials” here: Momentum 2009 – EMC’s vision. Also it is worth to note that “configuration over coding” and “lower TCO” slogans have first appeared in 2009 too (it seems that somebody is little behind a schedule):

So, the renaming in 2010 was required to demonstrate both customers and competitors that EMC was doing much more than just content management. However, somewhen in 2011 EMC realised (for me it was always clear) that CenterStage didn’t take off, but they already wasted a lot of time on it (for example first rumours about D7 have appeared in 2009, but D7 was released in 2012, though from my perspective there is no difference between D6.5 and D7, moreover, I have no idea why they decided to create new product instead of evolving WDK – adding Web 2.0 capabilities into WDK is not a big deal), and in 2012 EMC has started reselling C6 D2 and in 2013 EMC announced a new UI for D2 client (the original UI was based on ActiveX). Interesting thing here is a fact that CenterStage, D2 and xCP2 UIs were designed by the same person:

Well, I think it is clear that during last 8 years talented team was trying to do their best to kill webtop, but it is still alive. Why?


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