OpenText rep promised further stagnation of Documentum

Check comments for Maybe OpenText will add value to Documentum after all:


Erik van Voorden: Nothing will change for documentum users. They will still get that same level of support as under EMC. Only the company name has changed.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to avoid involving a person I don’t know, but in my opinion a person, who have never worked before in ECM industry and doesn’t know his customers, may not make such statements, especially if this person is account development manager – sometimes, it is better to keep silent, and in case of Documentum and OpenText there are a plenty of reasons to do that – take a look how it is possible to turn single phrase into blogpost.

At first, EMC support was always poor (I would rate it as 2 out of 5), moreover, after 2013 it became inadequate (1 out of 5), claiming that you are going to keep support on the same level is a worst advertisement ever – as I posted previously, during last 10 years Documentum was loosing customers, and poor support wasn’t the least reason for that. Now, after acquisition, when remaining loyal customers expecthope to get improvements, you are claiming that nothing will change, nothing! No bugfixing, no documentation, no performance and stability improvements, nothing!

At second, acquisition is not just a change of name or label, different companies occupy different offices in different cities and countries, so, for ECD employees acquisition means either layoffs or relocations or supercommuting (after acquisition OpenText created about 300 new vacancies, and I doubt that they are trying to hire new employees, most probably they are replacing existing ones). It is obvious that acquisitions always have a negative impact on regional support activities, and it is stupid do not accept this obvious fact.

At third, the most worrying thing about acquisition is a fact, that OpenText have not yet named Documentum leads – it looks like OpenText do not want to promote anyone from “talented team”, but hiring a person from the outside world is large risk and challenge (especially if your glassdoor rating is 3.0): where are you going to find a person, who knows strengths and weaknesses of Documentum product stack, has a strong vision and able to manage your “talented team”? People typically prefer to leave sinking boat rather than trying to safe it. Interesting, what roadmap is OpenText going to present on April 28?

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